"Catalunya canta... sardanes" - Disc Maravella Orchestra

The reason of this album can be defined in one word: "ILLUSION". We have the desire to please a big number of followers that asked us about not having all the beautiful "sardanes"(musical genre typical of Catalan culture), in the vocal versions,
with orchestra and voices: What a deligth to be able to listen all of them in a disc not just at the live concerts!
Said and done! We recorded all these "sardanes" highly rooted to our land, and that contains our beloved Catalan values. In that way we leave a record of our "sardanístic" patrimonial treasure and the cultural value that our language deserves.
In your hands you have this demanded record with the exceptional voices of Imma, Meritxell, Benji and Andreu that together with the rest of members of the Orchestra Maravella did with all our "ILLUSION".

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