Musicians International Maravella Orchestra

In this section you will be able to know a little more our music players .

Player - Representative, Percussion
Drums, Trumpet, Flabiol

Player - Tible, Flute, Transverse flute, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax and Keyboard

Player - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards

Player - Trombone,
Fiscorn, Voices.

Player- Tenor Sax,
Flute, Piccolo Flute, Tenora

Player - Violin, Mandolin,
Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Tible

Player - Bass Guitar,
Double bass

Player - Trombone, Fiscorn,
Violin, Voices, Keyboards

Player - Piano , Keyboards

Player - Trumpet
Violin, Voices

Player - Trumpet, Violin

Player- Trumpet

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