Albert Vergés, born in La Garrotxa, specifically in Tortellà, a town with a lot of musical tradition, currently resides in Girona. The 2006/2007 season was part of the Maravella Orchestra. We can hear it with Alto Saxophone, Clarinete, Tenora (typical Catalan instrument) and Keyboards.
The music he most likes and hears is usually Funky, Soul, Rock, for example, Tower of Power, Michael Jackson, Michael Brecker, Beatles, etc ...

Enjoy in the moments of leisure of its passions as it is to go in "bike", the gastronomy, the wines, the reading and the social networks.
It must be said that somewhere and during our tours we have all said:
"Albert Help! ...", as it dominates the physiotherapy and has relaxed us with its massages or relieved of some contracture ...

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