Manel Juste Novillo, born in Massalcoreig (Lleida), but resident for many years in his beloved population, Santpedor (Bages). He entered the orchestra in the year 2.008, covering the place of instrumentalist of Trombone and Fiscorn (typical Catalan instrument).

He likes all kinds of music, especially dance music, but his musical weaknesses are undoubtedly the "Rancheras".
He is a very energetic person, and as such, so are his hobbies. Your fun moments are with family and friends! But also when he can play the fronton, handball, Olympic shooting or going in 4x4. In addition, as he himself stands out, he can going graze with cattle! He is another "handyman" in the orchestra with the DIY theme and is always ready to fix any flaws.

He remembers in a very special way that after 5 years of leaving the music, "... Manel Comadevall (representative of the orchestra at that time) and Maravella gave me the opportunity to return to this musical world that I love so much and I am very Proud and happy ".

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